Tips for ICO Founders


  1. Don’t wash trade your raise amount. I know people tracking all active ICOs. If your $5m raise is really $1.1m, that is called fraud.

2. Exchanges: I would argue projects now have the leverage over most exchanges. Negotiate away, don’t overpay to list.

3. Exchange Listing: compare pricing and go straight to the source. Middlemen are feasting on third-tier exchange listings. For top exchanges, an upcharge for access and an expedited listing is worth it.

4. The retail market is dead. Stop paying for email lists, ratings, listings, overpriced sponsorships, and any gimmicky offer.

5. PR is still valuable for social proof. Equity investors like to know you have a community and coverage.

6. Token swaps: eh, no liquidity means no operational value. Choose these wisely if you feel inclined.

7. I haven’t seen a token sale deal done in weeks without equity being involved. Things are changing.

8. Put yourself in an investor’s shoes. Go to ICO Drops and look at ROIs for ICOs listed the past 6 months. Outside of a few outliers, it doesn’t look good. How can you sweeten the deal?

9. Revenue and profit sharing for reverse ICOs are happening and I love it.

10. Build. Build. Build. Raise.



Shivam Singh | Digital Marketing Specialist

Founder of TechGrits, Author of The Game of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant