LinkedIn Provides New Targeting Options Including Lookalike Audiences

Reach millions of professionals with the right targeting

According to LinkedIn, 610 million users, who are often cited as professionals, are now found on LinkedIn. Exactly because of the information about their jobs and also their professional interests, these users are so interesting for advertisers. In order to achieve this purpose, sophisticated targeting is required. As a result, LinkedIn now offers advertisers three new features that can effectively support them. These are lookalike audiences, audience templates and the integration of Bing search data into solution interest targeting. These options are designed to strengthen LinkedIn’s marketing activities and increase advertisers’ ROI.

Refine interest targeting with Bing data

The careers network had presented only in January, the solution Interest Targeting. This is to reach users who have interests relevant to the respective campaign. These are determined by content that they share on LinkedIn, like, etc. This interest targeting is now supplemented by data from Microsoft’s search engine Bing. This analyzes the target groups in even greater detail. For now, LinkedIn-mediated interests are also combined with interests stemming from searches and content that Bing’s users come into contact with. However, the data security of these users should be strictly monitored.

Audience templates help launch new campaigns

Anyone who advertises on LinkedIn, but is not yet fully aware of which target group is optimal for the campaign, can use Audience templates on a feature that helps. After all, this will initially provide 20 — more to follow — preset B2B target groups that can be selected for the ad.



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Shivam Singh | Digital Marketing Specialist

Shivam Singh | Digital Marketing Specialist


Founder of TechGrits, Author of The Game of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant