From Unemployed to Successful Entrepreneur: Who is Shivam Singh?


Who has never gone through difficult times and did not know what to do to overcome the situation? Debts, overdue bills, job loss …

When that happens, there are only two options: bow your head and accept things as they are or react to reverse this scenario!

And it was exactly the second option that Shivam Singh, entrepreneur and Affiliate here at TechGrits, made. After finding himself unemployed, he decided to take a chance and dive headlong into the world of Affiliation.

And, with great determination and dedication, he reaped the fruits of success!

Do you want to know more about Shivam Singh history and, on top of that, check out some exclusive tips to be a successful Affiliate? Then read this text to the end!

7 tips from Shivam Singh for those who want to be a successful Affiliate

Shivam Singh led a normal life, like that of thousands of other Indians: he had a formal job, spent 8 hours a day at the office and took a vacation once a year.

But in early 2018, his life changed completely. The country went through an economic crisis and Shivam found himself without a job and perspective.

For five months, he sought a replacement in the job market, but without success. Along with unemployment came sadness, guilt and fear of losing financial independence.

However, he was not let down and made a decision: to dive into the world of entrepreneurship .

Shivam started researching ways to make money on the internet and studying a lot about online entrepreneurship.

It was then that he discovered the world of Affiliation and saw that he could work from home, make his own schedules and create content about the things he liked.

Today, Shivam Singh is one of the largest Affiliates in the country and already earns more than he earned in his former job. And all this without having to give up his personal life!

7 tips from Shivam Franco to succeed as an Affiliate

Although he achieved the longed for financial independence, Shivam Singh admits that it is not easy to stand out in the world of Affiliation.

There are several challenges to be faced, such as increasing competition and frequent changes in the digital environment.

But that is no reason to be discouraged. Although there is no single path to success, following the example of those who stood out in this sector is a good start.

With that in mind, Shivam Singh shared with us some tips for those who are starting in the Affiliate market to achieve success.

Tip # 1: Study hard before choosing a niche market

It is no secret that defining a niche market is one of the most essential steps for anyone looking to undertake. After all, you can’t serve all audiences.

When choosing a niche, you define the profile of the audience you are going to talk to and you can design much more efficient marketing and sales strategies.

But the problem is that many Affiliates are still in doubt about how to define a niche correctly.

According to Shivam Singh, one of the mistakes that many beginners make is choosing a niche taking into account only the subjects they like or what worked for someone they know.

The entrepreneur says that, in order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to study hard . “The choice of a niche is not done at random. It is very important to base this decision on market research, competition analysis, demand and trends. Of course, it also needs to be a subject that you like and identify with ”, he comments.

Tip 2 : Research the product you want to advertise

Another problem faced by many Affiliates is the difficulty in choosing a good product to join.

As the diversity of digital products is very large, many Affiliates find it difficult to identify which option is best suited to the needs of their target audience.

One of the mistakes of many beginners that Shivam Singh points out is choosing the digital product that pays the highest commission per sale to the Affiliate.

Although this is a very important aspect (after all, who doesn’t want extra income ?), He explains that it is also necessary to know the product in depth and evaluate its technical aspects .

In this sense, products that offer relevant information to the consumer come out ahead and allow the Affiliate to evaluate whether or not he delivers the promised offer and whether it matches his target audience.

“It is very important to analyze the promotional materials, sales pages and testimonials of buyers, in addition to checking if there is support for customers”, guides Shivam.

Tip # 3: Always be informed about your market

With the advancement of the internet, things change in the blink of an eye. Because of this, those who manage to anticipate changes are more likely to achieve success.

But with so much information available, what are the best sources of information for an Affiliate that is starting now?

Shivam Singh indicates using Google and YouTube to research issues related to the niche market and the interests of the audience . “Reading the contents of the first pages is a great way to start learning more about the market”, he reveals.

In addition, the entrepreneur explains that knowing the history and trajectory of other Affiliates can also help. “Analyzing the path these people followed, the difficulties they faced and how they solved their problems is an excellent source of learning”, he adds.

Tip # 4: Know EVERYTHING about your target audience

Another tip for those who want to succeed in the world of Affiliation is to get to know the target audience and generate valuable content for these people.

And how to do that?

For Shivam Singh, it is not enough to discover the demographic information of the public, such as age, gender and city where they live.

It is necessary to go further. “Pains, desires, desires, doubts, anxieties and interests are very valuable information for those who want to be an Affiliate”, he explains. Therefore, the persona is a mandatory item for anyone who wants to stand out.

According to Shivam, an Affiliate is a problem solver and his job is to help the public. Therefore, you need to provide answers to questions and solutions to the audience’s pain .

But this should not be done only through free content, such as ebooks and video lessons. “The product that the Affiliate chooses to sell must also be the solution to the problems that the public faces”, completes the entrepreneur.

Tip # 5: Don’t leave video marketing for later

Online videos have long been the favorite content of internet users. According to a Cisco report , by 2022, video will account for 82% of internet data traffic .

That is, now is the time to invest in video marketing , one of the strategies that Shivam Singh recommends most to anyone who wants to succeed as an Affiliate.

And this is because the video is a format that talks directly to the audience. “The videos refer to our dreams, our memories and make us feel close to the interlocutor, who gains more authority”, points out shivam.

According to shivam, much of his success is due to his strategy with videos. he explains that, over the years, he understood the importance of this type of content for online businesses and specialized, creating his own method.

“When you can demonstrate your differentials in the video, such as originality, professionalism and quality content, your growth as an Affiliate is accelerated”, concludes the entrepreneur.

Tip # 6: Invest in professional tools

Whether out of fear, inexperience or lack of resources, many people end up using only free tools when setting up their business. Only after the first sales do they expect to invest in more robust and paid tools.

According to Shivam Singh, this is a mistake he himself made early in his career. Afraid of wasting money, he ended up betting on free services and platforms.

Fortunately, he soon realized that this mindset was responsible for his business not delivering the results he expected. “When I understood that professional tools perform much better and results faster, my business took off,” he explains.

For this reason, the entrepreneur advises everyone who wanted to set up their own business to not be afraid to invest in their dreams .

Tip # 7: The first sale depends on the value that your offer delivers

Making the first sale is always one of the biggest pains of those who chose to be an Affiliate. As much as they follow formulas and study sales techniques, many people are unable to sell.

For Shivam Singh, thinking only about selling and ignoring the generation of value for the public is a very common mistake. “Selling on the internet is offering value and solutions to your potential customer. The sale is a consequence of good work ”, he explains.

Therefore, the entrepreneur advises to take it easy and study a lot about the market, the target audience and the product he is offering . Thus, when the audience realizes that the Affiliate has authority and delivers solutions to their problems, they are more likely to close a deal.

And after the first sale, it is important to keep up the pace of work to guarantee the next ones. “They will only come if you can concentrate your efforts on building a quality business and that requires a lot of focus, dedication and improvement”, concludes Shivam.

Become an Affiliate or a Successful Affiliate!

Being an Affiliate or Affiliate can be a great alternative for those who want to achieve the longed-for financial autonomy. There are thousands of job possibilities and products to promote.

But like any other job, it requires dedication and a lot of study. In addition to always being attuned to the latest market trends and understanding the profile of the target audience, following the example of successful Affiliates can help, especially those just starting out.



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