Best Tools For Social Media Marketing

  • Lack of time and consistency
  • No budget
  • Lack of engagement
  • Weak content
  • Fast and Easy Content Scheduling
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts Management
  • Instagram Integration
  • Content Inbox Ready for Sharing
  • Useful Analytics Feature for all Social Media Activity
  1. For scheduling:
  2. - Upload and schedule hundreds of messages at once.
    - See your social content schedule at a glance using the content calendar.
    - Manage scheduled content on the go via Hootsuite mobile app.
    - Schedule posts as you surf the web using the Hootlet extension.
  3. For content curation:
    - Create search streams by hashtag, location, or keyword to find and share relevant content.
    - Organize all your content via the content library.
    - Grab and share content from the cloud content.
  4. For analytics:
    - Analyze trends and growth with its no-setup required analytics feature
    - Use Hootsuite reporting templates to learn more about your followers.
    - Export reports for ROI analysis.
  5. For monitoring:
    - Use monitoring filters for social listening. Find and filter conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location — in multiple languages.
    - Respond to comments quickly as a team.
  6. For team management and account security:
    - Your accounts are safe by managing access without sharing passwords.
    - Set custom permission levels to avoid errors and rogue posts.
    - Get immediate security alerts if there’s suspicious activity.
  1. Base Features include tweet scheduling, keywords tracking, save and reuse drafts, URL shortening, view @mentions & retweets, DM inbox purge, Twitter Tweets purge, safe Twitter access, and connect up to five Twitter accounts for free.
  2. Follow-back features to build quality list on Twitter
  3. Facebook features include unlimited Facebook accounts, schedule status updates, schedule page wall updates, schedule group updates, schedule photo uploads, and safe Facebook connect access.
  4. Pinterest features include unlimited Pinterest boards, schedule photo uploads for Pins, and safe Pinterest account access.
  5. LinkedIn features include unlimited LinkedIn accounts, schedule shares, and safe LinkedIn access.
  6. Plurk features include unlimited Plurk accounts, schedule updates, secure Plurk access.
  7. Create automated social updates from RSS feed entries.
  8. Submit social updates via email.
  9. Schedule & publish blog posts and pages.
  10. Private tweet interests channels.
  11. Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT
  1. Clean up your social media messages by putting all of them in one inbox aka “Inbox Zero”.
  2. The Response Time dashboard lets you analyze how fast or slow you handle customer concerns.
  3. Take advantage of unlimited report generation.
  4. Facebook Competitors report lets you benchmark with competitors.
  5. Use the built-in CRM to analyze your audience according to specifications.
  • An unlimited content library that you can shuffle and pause anytime.
  • Color-coded categories to keep your content library organized.
  • Upload and edit in bulk.
  • Pull content from relevant sites with RSS Feeds.
  • It supports Native video instead of video links from other sites.
  • Shorten links and track clicks using Bitly, Rebrandly, or Edgar’s very own Meet Edgar | The Social Media Scheduling Tool That Manages Itself.
  • Edgar browser extension is available to quickly save content from the web and schedule future posts in a few clicks.
  • 25 social media accounts
  • Facebook (pages, profiles & groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles & company pages)
  • Account setup assistance plus social media strategy call
  • Post customization of images and videos for maximized reach on all social media platforms.
  • Collaboration with roles and permission levels management.
  • Convenient post scheduling.
  • Save Time by bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar, multi-board pinning, and hashtag lists built with a busy schedule.
  • Maximize Reach by automatically optimizing Pinterest and Instagram schedules based on when your audience is most engaged.
  • Measure Success by deep analytics and insights to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Professional and Quick Scheduling with Tailwind browser extension to easily create multiple posts from any site with one click. It even includes repins on Pinterest and regrams on Instagram.
  • Reach the Right People with auto Instagram hashtags suggestions by Hashtag Finder.
  • Be More Efficient by posting visual marketing content to Instagram and Pinterest from one tool with a single workflow.
  • Analytics
  • Calendar
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Custom Facebook Branding
  • Team and Client Management
  • Content Curation and RSS Feeds
  • Browser Extension
  1. Link Shortening
  2. Bulk Scheduling
  3. Browser Extension
  4. Mobile App
  5. Desktop App
  6. Zapier
  7. Support
  • Create custom social reports using Report Builder
  • Raven’s Reporting Engine enables marketers to download reports on mobile devices.
  • Get direct and real-time stats from your social media accounts.
  • Automate social media reports according to your schedule.
  1. Comprehensive Database of Social Conversations
  2. Keyword Search Analysis
  3. Insightful Reporting
  4. Engagement Workflow Analysis
  5. Geography and Demographics Analysis
  6. Automated Sentiment Analysis
  7. Campaign Management and Social Lead Generation
  8. Comprehensive Help, Support, and Documentation
  • Content Discovery
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Curation, Insights, and Research and Planning
  • Competitor Research
  • Question Analyzer
  • Combine content into collections.
  • Distraction-free mode lets you read content with zero distraction.
  • Tag content as read-it-later for future consumption.
  • Share stories on social media with no hassle.
  • Discover fresh and trending content based on your interests.
  • Team version lets you collaborate with your team.
  • Use Style Guide on your design to promote brand consistency.
  • Resize multiple objects at once.
  • Object pane lets you drag and drop to reorder layers visually.
  • Set clickable links on any object including text.
  • Google sheets integration so you can directly connect the data in your graphic to a spreadsheet.
  • Integration with other 3rd party apps via Zapier to share content to WordPress, Hubspot, and Buffer.
  • Resize graphics automatically.
  • Consolidated Templates and Saved Graphics pages into a single screen.
  • Basic Canva is FREE
  • Canva for Work is $12.95 per user a month.



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Shivam Singh | Digital Marketing Specialist

Shivam Singh | Digital Marketing Specialist


Founder of TechGrits, Author of The Game of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant